Nakomis is a nature inspired singer-songwriter and jewelry artist. Her music bridges a gap between folk and soul music with an underlying earthy vibe. Nakomis' angelic voice floats melodically in and out of intricate finger-picking guitar lines, creating a sound that can sway an audience into a trance. Currently based in the Santa Monica mountain's, Nakomis is working on a new album titled, Earth Musiq

"Earth Musiq will be my first recorded project that I feel with every piece of my being that I need to share it with as many people as possible. I couldn't be more excited."

Nakomis' jewelry designs are a true reflection of a culture she wishes to create in today's society. Nature by Nakomis designs are conscious pieces that are meant to help bring something special to the wearer; whether it be confidence, grounding energy, a reminder to be kind... Whatever you seek, you can find. For purchases visit the shop here.